Starting out Dairy Free

Welcome to a new world. I know it’s daunting and it’s not a world you chose but don’t worry it gets easier. When I first started out my shopping took hours longer. It still takes longer than a normal pre allergy shop but again it gets easier when you get familiar with what you need.

My top products for your first dairy free shop are:

  1. A milk alternative – we use almond and coconut milk
  2. A butter alternative – we use Pure dairy free sunflower
  3. Rich Tea Biscuits
  4. Coconut macaroons
  5. Hovis Best of Both bread – it’s fortified with extra calcium
  6. Readybrek – again fortified with calcium
  7. Innocent fruit smoothie tubes
  8. Violife cheese
  9. Dairy free ice cream or sorbet
  10. Dairy free chocolate or dark chocolate

There are lots of other products I have discovered along the way and I will share these with you along the way. Please bear in mind my children have a non IgE allergy and can cope with products that are made in a factory that has handled milk. DS1 can also cope with soya, DS2 reacts to soya but is beginning to tolerate some amounts of it. The products I have listed do not cause a reaction in my kids but please check the labels to see if the ingredients suit your own needs.