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Who’s the dummy?!

I am not anti-dummy, despite the fact I am a speech and language therapist and probably should be. I think they are a useful tool to help a child suck and soothe. 

I dislike dummies when they are used all of the time. I call them the plug because they stop kids talking and I truly cannot stand that. I hate seeing a lovely little toddler walking down the street with a plug in, either not talking or worse still, talking with it in their mouth. 

Anyway, this is not the time for a debate about the pros and cons of dummies. I have used them in the past and wanted DD to use one too.

When she was born she didn’t want to take the dummy and I couldn’t understand it. My other two loved the dummy and when you are breastfeeding it provides some much needed respite for the nipples! So we kept trying until she accepted it and loved it. Now she loves it too much….

So DD is 4 1/2 months old now and we have hit the wall of desperation due to lack of sleep. I recall this moment with my other two when they were babies but this one is different – I blame the dummy. I am just trying to work out if I am the dummy for giving it to her in the first place.

One night this week, I saw at least every hour on the clock because every time the dummy fell out of her mouth, her eyes popped open and she cried. I think by about 4am, I nearly started crying too.

So about 5am I said my other half to take her so could have an hour or two sleep before the day ahead. But at 5am I knew something had to change – goodbye dummy!

I pulled out by Baby Whisperer book and re-read all the information I had read with DS1 and 2 but somehow had ended up needing it again. So the next night I turned into the a baby whisperer/determined mother, desperate for some sleep. With no dummy to help summon sleep I stayed with my baby girl and she cried, not understanding where her little plastic comforter had disappeared too. I felt awful but still determined. After 40minutes of rocking and pick up/put down (yes I know rocking is not part of it but I couldn’t stand the crying, especially since it was my fault), my baby girl fell asleep in her cot. Yay! Battle number one had worked and she had gone to sleep without her precious dummy. So I was filled with hope for some extra sleep. 

So that night I did an hour of baby whispering. What a ridiculous name for it. It’s more like tearing my hair out and trying not to cry and give in. Baby whispering sounds quiet, calm and enjoyable. What I did for an hour certainly wasn’t enjoyable. However, two nights in and I am getting more sleep and she will now go down to bed in her cot with next to no crying. Woohoo! 

Let’s hope the third night brings a full night or at least 4 or 5hours in a row. My GP once told me you need 4 hours sleep in a row to be able to function so that is my goal. I need to function for the sake of my other 2 kids and my sanity. I don’t think I am asking much, just a few hours in a row.

I will keep you posted on how it goes and whether I reach my goal. 

PS I know everyone’s parenting style is different and some people are anti crying etc. but this is what I decided would work for me. I never left her alone and I feel it will benefit not only my sleep but hers too. Also, third time round I realise that what works for one child doesn’t always work for others. So this may not be your answer to the problem I had and that’s ok.

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Free From Pizza

So the summer holidays are here and the weather is not so good. It’s lunch time and we are making pizzas. Since going diary free for breastfeeding I have really missed pizza. It turns out pizza is really good without cheese so anytime I have been out I have just avoided the cheese. 

Today I thought we would make them at home with violife cheese and free from bases.  DS2 is intolerant of not only dairy but wheat and oats. So that is why we are using Tescos Free From pizza bases. We haven’t used these before so will be interesting to see how they taste (especially to DD1 and me as we don’t need to have wheat free bases). 

The good thing about making these pizzas is that the boys are so excited about making them it’s like an activity and lunch all rolled into one – great time killer on a wet summer holiday.

What you need:

  • Pizza bases
  • Tomato purée or BBQ sauce
  • Violife cheese
  • Corn
  • Pineapple
  • Ham
  • Whatever topping you like!

I gave the boys half each with the toppings of their choice and let them make their own 

After that we put them in the oven for 10minutes.  They went down a treat. The boys thought they were the best pizzas ever. Due to the fact I know how good real pizza (with real cheese) tastes I thought they were ok. I added a bit of black pepper and balsamic vinegar to help.

All in all a successful lunch that we will definitely make again.

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Weaning… we go again


So DD is baby number 3 for me, so I feel like I should have a better idea of what I am doing but I am still confused! I have spent hours reading and trying to work out what to do this time round. You see, this is he first time I have weaned a child knowing they have an allergy.

DS1 wasn’t diagnosed until he was 4years old and with DS2 the weaning process was well under way before I worked out it was food causing the problems. I am so glad I know this time round but I think it’s making me more anxious.

I have been to see the dietician and the allergy specialist at the hospital and they have recommended weaning from 4 months. The current guidelines say 6 months but the dietician advised me the guidelines are going to change with earlier weaning being advised.

So having started weaning my other two at 4/5months old I was happy to do this. I started with a cooks thom. Cooking and blending apples, pears, carrots and sweet potato.

I will keep you updated as we go and see how we go monitoring for allergies along the way☺️

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Top Ten Survival Snacks for Dairy Free Breastfeeding

Starting out my dairy free breastfeeding journey became a mission to find replacements for my favourite snacks to help me get through.  Breastfeeding can be so tough at times so having yummy snacks became essential.  These are my favourites (and no they are not all nutritious and healthy but sometimes you just need junk food to survive another dairy free breastfeeding day)

1.  Marks and Spencers Dark Chocolate with Mint

2. Marks and Spencers Blueberry Muffins

3. Ashers Iced Coconut Fingers

4.  Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels (toasted with pure dairy free spread)

5. Tesco own brand Wafer Mints (After eight type chocolates)

6. Marks and Spencers teacakes

7.  Tesco own brand readybrek type porridge with almond milk, blueberries and honey 


8.  breadsticks with chilli hummus

9. Rasberry Ruffles

10.  Coconut Macaroons

 I hope this gives you some ideas to get started with – I will post more about life saving snacks and food for breastfeeding as I find them.  Enjoy 🙂






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Breastfeeding Dairy Free

june 2016 988.JPGWhen my DD was born on 22nd February 2016, I knew that it was likely that she would have a dairy allergy  because both my boys have cows milk protein allergy.  I had already discussed it with the consultant when attending DD2 appointment when pregnant.  The advice I had been given was that I would know within a couple of weeks.

10 days after she was born, the vomiting started and her nappies were explosive.  The skin on her cheeks also broke out in little pimple type spots.  I then excluded milk from my diet.  This is the first time I have done this breastfeeding – I breastfed both my other babies but I didn’t know they had allergies.  So this is new for me.  I have been feeding my children a dairy free diet for a couple of years but I have never been restricted – it’s a challenge to say the least.

Just when you are feeling so tired and needing your comfort food the most you have to stop eating all the nice things.  Dairy is in everything yummy – cakes, scones, chocolate, ice cream …..the list goes on and on.  If its yummy, its probably got dairy.

The best things I have found to replace these things while breastfeeding are in this post – click link.

I could see the benefits pretty quickly for my DD and that is my motivation.  She is a laid back and pleasant baby and so different to my other two.  I can now see that much of their behaviour as a baby was because of the allergies they had and I didn’t know that’s what the problem was at the time.  I often feel bad for how miserable DD2 was when he was a baby because I was making him unwell.

If I have any accidents at all where I have dairy, I can see the impact on DD within hours. She becomes very upset and unsettled, can’t be put down.  Her nappies a green/mucousy and frequent.  She breaks out in little pimples on her cheeks and is generally miserable.

Being dairy free while breastfeeding is tough but so far it has been worth it.  I will post more about how I have survived this journey x

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Starting a dairy free blog….

So this is my first step…..

I am finally getting around to starting a blog about living with a dairy free family. I have three children (5 years, 3 years and 15 weeks). My journey into the allergy world started about 3 years ago but now I know it should have started 5 years ago. Over the last 3 years I have learnt so much about allergies and food intolerances that I thought I would like to share it with those who are starting out on their unexpected journey. It takes time to get to grips with this world and maybe I can offer some pointers to help you get started and ease the pain of the “where do I start?”

I hope you find my blog helpful and if there are any areas you would like me to blog about please leave me a comment.

Alison x