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Weaning… we go again


So DD is baby number 3 for me, so I feel like I should have a better idea of what I am doing but I am still confused! I have spent hours reading and trying to work out what to do this time round. You see, this is he first time I have weaned a child knowing they have an allergy.

DS1 wasn’t diagnosed until he was 4years old and with DS2 the weaning process was well under way before I worked out it was food causing the problems. I am so glad I know this time round but I think it’s making me more anxious.

I have been to see the dietician and the allergy specialist at the hospital and they have recommended weaning from 4 months. The current guidelines say 6 months but the dietician advised me the guidelines are going to change with earlier weaning being advised.

So having started weaning my other two at 4/5months old I was happy to do this. I started with a cooks thom. Cooking and blending apples, pears, carrots and sweet potato.

I will keep you updated as we go and see how we go monitoring for allergies along the way☺️


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