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Breastfeeding Dairy Free

june 2016 988.JPGWhen my DD was born on 22nd February 2016, I knew that it was likely that she would have a dairy allergy  because both my boys have cows milk protein allergy.  I had already discussed it with the consultant when attending DD2 appointment when pregnant.  The advice I had been given was that I would know within a couple of weeks.

10 days after she was born, the vomiting started and her nappies were explosive.  The skin on her cheeks also broke out in little pimple type spots.  I then excluded milk from my diet.  This is the first time I have done this breastfeeding – I breastfed both my other babies but I didn’t know they had allergies.  So this is new for me.  I have been feeding my children a dairy free diet for a couple of years but I have never been restricted – it’s a challenge to say the least.

Just when you are feeling so tired and needing your comfort food the most you have to stop eating all the nice things.  Dairy is in everything yummy – cakes, scones, chocolate, ice cream …..the list goes on and on.  If its yummy, its probably got dairy.

The best things I have found to replace these things while breastfeeding are in this post – click link.

I could see the benefits pretty quickly for my DD and that is my motivation.  She is a laid back and pleasant baby and so different to my other two.  I can now see that much of their behaviour as a baby was because of the allergies they had and I didn’t know that’s what the problem was at the time.  I often feel bad for how miserable DD2 was when he was a baby because I was making him unwell.

If I have any accidents at all where I have dairy, I can see the impact on DD within hours. She becomes very upset and unsettled, can’t be put down.  Her nappies a green/mucousy and frequent.  She breaks out in little pimples on her cheeks and is generally miserable.

Being dairy free while breastfeeding is tough but so far it has been worth it.  I will post more about how I have survived this journey x


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